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Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic plasterboards offer a more affordable and easier-to-install alternative to normal plaster. They also reduce unwanted noise, which plagues homes in urban areas or near heavy traffic. Acoustically Clad Panels from Plastering Wagga can help you cut down on all those things that make your home seem like an echo chamber!

Ceiling Roses

Ceiling Roses are the perfect way to dress up your ceiling in style! They come with faux flower petals and little holes that will add elegance to any room. You can find these types of ceilings inside older homes or even at some offices, but you don’t have to be rich like those people – if you want it for yourself, we make them our specialty because quality is what matters most when updating a home or office space quickly.

Commercial Plastering Contractor Wagga Wagga NSW

Commercial Plastering

Plastering is an art form that can be applied to many surfaces, depending on what you need to do. Commercial Plaster service ranges from smaller jobs such as patchwork and skims coating up to complete new construction buildings with decorative finishes– whatever type of job comes our way! We are experienced in all types of plaster mediums which makes us qualified for any commercial plater project, no matter how challenging or mundane it may seem at first glance.

Feature Walls

Feature Walls are a design trend that has been gaining in popularity as of late. You might have not known about the benefits and advantages of this, but it is worth checking out some examples if you ever considered implementing one into your home or rental space.

Fire Rated Plasterboard

Fire Rated Plasterboard is a special kind of board that can be used in the event of an emergency. It protects occupants and their belongings by increasing the time it takes for heat or flames from external sources to reach them, giving you enough time to escape before they’re harmed. The fire-rated plastered boards also absorb force should there ever be a breakout on your premises – providing structural stability during emergencies while protecting all those inside as well!

Insulated Ceiling

Insulating your home is an investment that pays off in the form of comfort and higher energy efficiency. If insulation is something you’re interested in installing, we highly recommend Wagga for its high-quality services!

Insurance Work

An insurance policy to protect your property is a must when you have family and friends who visit often. This service provided by Insurance Work ensures protection from what could happen without warning.

Metal and stud Framing

Metal and stud framing is a building material consisting of metal sheets with the interior cavities filled in, either by thin layers of plaster or gypsum board. It has many advantages because it can be used for both external cladding or internal partition walls as well as ceiling panels.

New Homes

Our plaster solutions are perfect for any project you need. We offer interior and exterior work, as well as decorative projects. We provide quality work backed by strict guidelines to ensure safety and efficiency.

Ornate Cornice

Ornate cornices are a decorative element of architecture that has fallen out in recent years. Ornate cornices typically cover the uppermost part of walls and they’re usually made from plastering, which can be quite expensive! This is why you won’t find many people with ornately plastered ceilings today because it’s just not cost-effective for most homeowners to install them on their own – but some pros specialize in this type of installation work available these days if you want or need one installed at your home!

Plaster Repairs

Plasters and renderings are finishing materials that cover up all the rough edges on your walls, ceilings, or soffits. There is another form of plaster called “stucco” which goes onto flat surfaces such as a ceiling to provide additional decorative detail for homes with high ceilings or even acoustic dampening in rooms like music studios and movie theaters. We have been Plasterers in Wagga for over years; call us today if you’re wanting some work done at home!

Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling Repair Wagga professionals are skilled in all aspects of ceiling repair. They use quality materials to ensure a strong and long-lasting job. Contact them today!

Pressed Metal Ceiling

Pressed metal ceilings are an option that few people know about and many underestimate the range of their appeal, but you can find them in all sorts of styles.

Pressed metal ceilings were invented to make cleaning the ceiling very easy. This type of structure may have been around for over a century and still stands even today!

Suspended Ceiling

Ceilings have multiple functions, including soundproofing and insulation. Choose a plaster ceiling installation to make your home or business more energy-efficient while upgrading the aesthetic value as well. Visit Plastering Wagga today if you’re interested in insulating suspended ceilings.

Venetian Plastering

Venetian plaster is traditionally used on buildings for making a seamless, smooth texture without any imperfections or cracks. It works by adding thin layers of plaster over each other until the desired thickness and then smoothing out a new layer with another part of the building.

Venetian plastering has several benefits that make it an excellent choice for any surface. It is much easier to maintain because its smooth texture and finish can be cleaned with water alone–no harsh chemicals or abrasives are required!