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Acoustic Plasterboard

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Utilizing acoustic tiles is a way to make your business more noise-free while also maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design. With modern options for the aesthetic, these tiles will create uniformity in all spaces with their clean lines and deep colors. This option integrates seamlessly into any grid ceiling construction process allowing businesses to conceal unsightly pipes or wires from the view that would otherwise be above your head!

You’re in luck! The Plastering Guys have the knowledge and experience to help you find what your heart desires. Whether it’s acoustic tiles that will keep your space warm, or something a little more decorative like our enhanced selections of marble floor tiling – we’ve got everything you need for every room in your house. Stop by today and let us know how we can be helpful!

Acoustic Plasterboard
Acoustic Plasterboard2


Acoustic plasterboard is a type of interior wall cladding or ceiling panels that are designed to reduce unwanted noise. Unlike other sound insulation solutions, such as Acoustical Clad Panels and Wall Wool, acoustic plasterboards can be used in high-quality applications where the surface noise level must be kept at low levels. These boards come with an A rating for fire resistance which makes them perfect for office buildings with large open spaces so you won’t have to worry about hearing your coworker’s phone conversation over cubicles! They typically use metalized polyester film on one side with an absorptive backing made from glass wool or rock wool material which absorbs airborne sound waves caused by human activity like talking and moving about through friction contact with surfaces inside your home’s walls when you’re not wearing rubber-soled shoes like slippers!

The acoustic plasterboard is important because it can be used in high-quality applications where the surface noise level must be kept at low levels. This type of material offers a protective and soundproofing barrier for surfaces, as well as being resistant to scratches, dents, or bumps from moving objects such as furniture.

Acoustic plasterboards keep unwanted sounds to a minimum, reduce echoes and reverberation. They’re available in single sheets or connected panels which can be used as walls or ceilings of any size!

Acoustics and Sound Information

New inventions are always being made to improve the way we live. Acoustic plasterboard is an innovative material that has been created from paper, clay, water, and cement for a specific purpose: better sound quality in our homes. This type of acoustic board was invented to start sounding great at home, work, or leisure time- which can be both good or bad depending on your circumstances! It’s important because it affects how you hear noises around you – this innovation will surely help many folks out there with their hearing difficulties! The acoustics of a space can make us feel different things about what is happening around us. We may find that music sounds better in some places than others because they are suited to certain sound waves- like the difference between classical and jazz. But even without being able to consciously hear it, our surroundings affect how we feel.


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