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Feature Walls

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Plaster Feature Walls

Many of us as homeowners are looking to add a unique touch to our homes with plaster feature walls. This is an excellent way for you to create your own individual style that sets off from the norm in your neighborhood while also expressing yourself creatively through this ancient craft or art form, which has been around since antiquity. If you’re interested in learning more about how it’s done and what type of material would be appropriate for various types of features then keep reading! We are a commercial plastering team in Wagga. Whether you need one room plastered or just have an idea for your next creative project, our talented and knowledgeable crew is ready to make it happen! We’re all about making dreams come true – whether that’s with a new design concept on the horizon for your home renovations, or simply taking care of some more mundane tasks like fixing up rooms with new wallpaper and paint. We’ve been providing exceptional service since 2007; we know how important aesthetics can be when building something from scratch (or renovating!), so we always go above-and-beyond to provide beautiful finishes unlike anything else out there today.


The best way to get the exact room you want is by coming to our team. Our years of experience in working with all shapes and sizes means we can do a better job than anyone else!

Looking for a reliable contractor?

Finding a contractor can be tough, but there are some steps to take that will help. You want one who is prepared for any project you have in mind and has proven workmanship before. Referrals from people we’ve worked with successfully should also give us an idea of how the company works! The WaggaTeam offers services such as; Plastering jobs that are never too large or small which means whatever size plastering service you need we have it all here.

No project is too big or small for us, so if you’re in need of a plasterer we can help! Our team has an extensive portfolio and years of experience that will allow them to find the perfect fit for your needs. We offer quality workmanship on commercial spaces as well as residential homes, interior renovations- really any job you require done with our expertise.

We are more than what you expect

When you’re in need of a plasterer with the right experience and expertise, Waggapros are ready to help. We have an extensive portfolio that includes residential housing as well commercial work so we can plaster any job no matter how big or small it is!

We are a company that will do everything in our power to exceed the expectations of every customer, no matter what. Our crew is made up of skilled workers who know how to get any job done quickly and efficiently like nobody’s business! If you’re looking for an organization with all the bells and whistles- one that can produce consistently high-quality work while meeting deadlines- then look no further than us here at J&L Construction Services; your satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll fix it free!


Here are a few good reasons why PLASTERING WaggaACT is the best choice for your property!

Always Available

We’re here to answer any questions you might have about plasterboard, drywall, gyprock. Call us for professional assistance with your project – we’ll be there no matter what the circumstances!

Qualified Plasterers

All of our plastering partners are fully licensed and insured to carry out all projects related to insulation, acoustic plaster, insulating plaster.

Fair Prices

Our team of experts understands that money doesn’t grow on trees, so they always do their best to deliver the highest quality workmanship with excellent materials. No matter how large or small our client is, we know how to sharpen those pencils for you and give you a great deal!

Contact Us

Our team at Plasterer Wagga Pros is so excited to help you make your house look amazing. We know how to create a design that’s perfect for you, and we’ll treat it like our own home! So give us a call today; the best service possible awaits from an expert company such as ours.

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