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Fire Rated Plasterboard

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Fire-Resistant Plasterboard

Fire-resistant plasterboard is a smooth and dry surface, made from cement or gypsum, which provides the final layer of plaster. This type of material is important when building houses; standard boards are not fire-resistant in extreme circumstances like fires. Fireproof drywall has been developed so it won’t burn under any circumstance– which means you’ll be safe in any case of fire. Fire-rated plasterboard is one of the fire-resistant building materials manufacturers offer. You can choose from several available options, but if you are looking for CE approval, be sure to opt for a board that does not have any chemical retardants and uses gypsum instead of cement–this will give your project flexibility while maintaining structural integrity. Fire-rated plasterboards are the best option for areas that need to be fireproof, such as hospital wards or care homes. They’re also good if you have an existing building made from combustible materials because these boards don’t contain any cellulose-based products which can ignite with flames before your wall has finished burning off all of its fuel and collapsed in on itself!

Fire Rated Plasterboard

Unlike regular plasterboard, fire-rated boards are denser with higher thermal resistance ratings; this means they can withstand fires longer than other types of board and stands up better to the damaging effects of flames. When disaster strikes, you’ll end up with more parts of your home still intact should your walls be made from fire-rated boards. Fire-rated boards are also more durable, which means they will last longer. This is a big plus when you consider how much money and time it takes to install these plasters–most people who opt for this type of board do so because the price difference isn’t that high in comparison with regular plasterboard, but fire resistance and durability make it worth the added expense.

Security is an important consideration for any project, so we can install fire-rated plasterboard to ensure you are safe and sound.

Plasterer Wagga Pros is an expert in plasterboard installation and repairing your wall surfaces. We can repair any damaged or old surface to ensure that your walls are looking their best all the time! There’s nothing better than a well-maintained home because it means you will be more comfortable living there without anything coming up due to neglecting regular maintenance.


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